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NewsKranti (formerly known as LNN- Latest News Network) is a Hindi news website. It was launched on 11 April 2013 with the aim of providing fact news & authentic data to our visitors. NewsKranti is committed to raise the voice of last person of the nation. We are one of the reliable sources of unbiased news & authentic data. We cover news of national & international issues & interests. Other than this our team works constantly to ensure the coverage of all relevant news even at district level.

We believe in democracy & know the responsibility of journalism that’s why at NewsKranti all journalists work without any biasedness, political/editorial and business pressure. We work for the soul of journalism & express our thoughts & aspects in strongest manner.

In the era of internet, where everyone is present digitally, we always try to provide news for all age group users. We present news & articles with better user experience and other interactive methods. Being on web it’s our duty to update you about current news & happenings around the world.

We are providing platform for sharing your views also. Users can express their thoughts on various chronicles. We want your views & comments to know that how successful we are in our efforts. We urge you to share, comment & mention our news & articles. You can write us for your query & feedback-

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At NewsKranti, our mission is to be the most reliable & authentic website of news & information with living the values of journalism.

Our vision is to be an important part of our user’s lives & achieve the maximum users/readers with quality content.